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Alexa Hostetler - Alexa’s Heirlooms

Alexa Hostetler is 15 years old and was born and currently lives in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. She is completing her freshman year of high school at Fuquay Varina High School.  She began beading about five years ago, after watching her mom design jewelry for friends and family.  Her mom got her involved in beading when she became ill in 2007. Alexa had a real eye and talent for putting colors and shapes together.  Beading became a creative outlet for Alexa, an outlet that helped to keep her mind off her illness.

We started out doing shows in the triangle area, and over the past few years, Alexa had developed a following. Customers would follow Alexa to her different shows throughout the area.  It has been wonderful. Customers call and ask for earrings, a pendant, or a bracelet for different occasions. Clients began bringing pieces to Alexa that they wanted her to design earrings, bracelets or a pendant for to complete a set.

Over the past 3 &1/2 years, Alexa was sick off and on with an unresolved illness that was finally diagnosed as Lyme Disease in April of 2010.  She spent last summer getting IV treatments a few days a week that really helped to heal her body and spirit!!  During this time, Alexa met Mack and they became instant friends.  She told Mack about her beading hobby and Mack and Pam invited Alexa to share her jewelry with the patrons at The Rusty Bucket.  She is so excited to be a part of the Rusty Bucket and enjoys visiting with Mack and Pam!!

After just completing a year of treatments, we are praying that the Lyme Disease is finally under control.  She is able to enjoy a normal social school life again, and we feel very blessed to have her feeling good.

Alexa has just started designing new Mother bracelets and Mom/Grandma bracelets after many customer requests. She has done special orders for brides and bridal parties. Her jewelry has been seen on TV, worn by news anchors that are frequent customers of Alexa’s Heirlooms.

To give back to children that are battling childhood illnesses, she donates part of her proceeds to Duke Children’s Hospital. 

The Rusty Bucket Connection

It was about a year and a half ago when I first met Alexa.  We were both at doctor’s appointments and she was accompanied by her Mom Lori.  At first I thought it was her Mom at the doctors for an appointment but learned it was Alexa.  She and I chatted and became fast friends learning that we both suffered from chronic illnesses.

I was amazed to learn that Alexa, who had just turned 14, designed and made her own jewelry.  She pulled up photo’s on her computer of her jewelry and I immediately noticed that her designs would fit just perfectly at The Rusty Bucket.  We discussed her being sick and how the jewelry designing and crafting helped her during her down times with her illness. 

Today Alexa stands tall as one of The Rusty Bucket’s TOP crafters.  Recently one of our regular customers brought her college roommate in to see the shop.  The visitor was a jewelry designer and crafter from California and was VERY IMPRESSED with Alexa’s skill at design and crafting of her jewelry.  She shared with Pam and I that

          “…. this young lady has a talent that stands above most and that’s not something learned but something you are born with.  Her attention to detail, color, mix of stones and quality of craft shows a level of   maturity, potential and skill at her craft that goes way beyond her young years and experience.”

Pam and I just love Alexa, she is one of our TOP crafters, we carry her jewelry year round and consider her among one of our dearest of Rusty Bucket Friends.  We are so happy for Alexa that her Lyme Disease is in remission as we have prayed for her healing. 

So if you have not seen “Alexa’s Heirloom” jewelry, take a look at the photo’s here and then come on down to The Rusty Bucket, and see first hand an example of some of the finest locally made jewelry any shop can offer.

Mack Thorpe
Proprietor, Co-owner
June, 2011

Read Apex Herald news article
about Alexa from July 11, 2011

Alexa and her jewelry

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