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All of our customers are special to us at The Rusty Bucket. Some stick out in our mind because they provide us with such joy when they come visit. We wanted to share some of these special people with you. All of these folks have been like the sign over our door - “Entered as Strangers and Left as Friends” - we invite you to do the same.

The Rusty Bucket

Loretta - Henderson, NC
"Pam and Mack, I really wanted to express my appreciation of your store by saying; it is a shopping experience like no other! Not only does your store offer a host of items (primitives and rustic) that I truly love, but the customer service is superior. Your store in my opinion takes me back to a time when life wasn't rushed and everything wasn't hurry up. That maybe why I can stay in there for hours without realizing it. It has been my experience in your store that it's not just making a sell but rather developing a relationship or a renewal with each visit, myself as well as other customers. Thank You both for going the extra mile to make the store what it is and allowing me the opportunity to feel at home when there! Wishing you the very best in 08'."



ShopKeeper Comments-
We just love Loretta…. you see she is more than just a customer we have dubbed her a "Visitor". That's right a Visitor…. and when she comes in the door at the store she just doesn't walk in, you see, Loretta makes an entrance…. and we just love it. She drives over an hour to visit The Rusty Bucket, she comes sometime 3 or 4 times a week and usually brings her twin sister Lorraine. Lorraine is a good sister and dutifully let's Loretta carry on and visit with us…. and occasionally do some shopping…. If Lorretta misses a few days we can usually expect a phone call from her to see what's going on at the Bucket. Honestly, we think the only thing she loves more than a visit to The Rusty Bucket is her grand children. As she says: "…I could just eat'em up." We are very fortunate to have Loretta as apart of The Rusty Bucket family and if you are lucky enough to be in the store during one of her visits I am sure she would be glad to assist you in your shopping or sit down in the Keeping Room and have a VISIT.

The Shopkeeper

Elizabeth and Pam
"Mom and I found Pam when she had a booth in Fuquay and Cary. We love the country look and drove often to both her places to find new treasures. We were so excited when she opened her store in Apex and although we live in Fuquay and Knightdale we make the trip often to see what we can find. Mom and I have always shopped together and I don't know anyone I would rather shop with. We know what each other likes and if we aren't together we often ask Pam for two of an item so we can get one for each of us. Our homes are a lot like The Rusty Bucket and if you go into one of our homes its like being in the other. We love the signs and have several hanging over the doorways of our homes. We both love stools and have one sitting in almost every corner, many that have come from The Rusty Bucket. We love the holidays and decorating and there is no better place to go than The Rusty Bucket!"

ShopKeeper Comments-
Two best friends acting like sisters you’d never know that Elizabeth and Pam are mother and daughter. Pictures show the joy in their faces when they drop by for a visit. They simply have a good time shopping together and when they are shopping for their favorite country look we are glad they have become apart of The Rusty Bucket family.

The Shopkeeper

Paul and Lorna Miller
"Why we like to shop at The Rusty Bucket? The Rusty Bucket reminds us of the things we love; Autumn, old cabins, nostalgia and the simple life!"

ShopKeeper Comments-
Lovers of the outdoors, from the mountains to the coast, hiking and canoeing, old cabins and anything rustic Paul and Lorna arrived in Apex NC in 2001 from Wilmington NC. Lorna a native of Wilmington married Paul 15 years ago with Paul calling Wilmington home following attending college at UNCW. Their love of all things old and rustic has lead them to Historic Salem St. in down town Apex and The Rusty Bucket.... In fact you will find them shopping together most Saturdays, enjoying themselves, spending hours looking and trying to decide what Primitive or Rustic decorative item to take home to Maggie, Duke, Hershey, Sylvester and Chelsea their 3 dogs and 2 cats. While they are not unique as customer go, as all our customers shop in our store for the love of all things old, primitive and rustic. They are unique in that they shop as a couple..... Paul and Lorna, love the Country Style together and make it a part of who they are and how they live. Thank you Paul and Lorna for loving rustic, primitive and old things, shopping at The Rusty Bucket and making us apart of your life.

The Shopkeeper

Elora Galluzzo
"My favorite thing about The Rusty Bucket is EVERYTHING - especially seeing Mrs. Pam. I also like all the country cozy stuff and I like all the dolls."

ShopKeeper Comments-
At nine years old, Elora is probably our youngest customer. She has her mother bring her in to visit about once every week or so. Elora saves up her allowance and birthday money and instead of going to the toy store, she brings it to The Rusty Bucket where she buys pillows and dolls and scented apples. She also brings her friends in to show them the store and share the candy counter with them. She’s an absolute delight and that’s why we’ve chosen her to highlight in our first Customer Profile.

The Shopkeeper

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