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Country Style

This section is currently under development.
Please check back often!

To suggest that we know everything there is to know about country decorating would be misleading but we do recognize that collectively the shop staff represents many years of working in and with the Country look.  The Rusty Bucket is so excited to make available, in this link, a resource that will assist and guide our customers and visitors in their Country Decorating.  From information related to a general Country motif to defining your specific American Country decorating personality, Country Style is your guide to better understand what you have come to recognize as a look that you like and makes you feel good.

It is that warm, inviting, calming feeling together with that homey organized cluttered look, the aroma of scented candles and that imperfection of the distressed painted furniture that is a hallmark of Country Decorating.  You often cannot quite point yourself into the right direction to realize the look and find that you have difficulty in describing the feeling you get when you are in it.  But this lack of self-assurance is normal and your study of this link and its contents will help you begin your journey to capture that feeling that decorating within the Country Style produces.

The links below are your ticket to discovery, coupled with your visits to The Rusty Bucket, in defining your specific Country Decorating Personality.  Enjoy and accept the challenge but know that we are with you all the way.  Contact us or drop by the shop to discuss and share your questions and comments.  Let us know about what you find out about yourself and the Country Decorating Style that best describes and clearly states… “who - are  - you” and unmistakably says this is my decorating personality”.

What is Country?

That is the fundamental question at the heart of what we are going to provide through Country Style.  Your journey of discovery about what you like and what you desire for your Country Decorating Style will be available for each of you to find within yourself. 

This link gives you the overview you need as a base to getting started in defining and learning about your Country Decorating Personality.  Each of you will discover that you do not have one specific definable style but, like a quilt, a tapestry of many elements, each with a different aspect of country some more than others. 

Over time you will learn that your taste in country decorating will evolve, change, alter and be modified just as you have over the years.  There’s one nice thing about decorating with a country motif; it is flexible and adaptable and does transform with time. Read more about What is Country...

Country Style Quiz
Let’s have a little fun, ok?  This link takes you to three easy quizzes that only require a couple of minutes each to complete. You will be given instant feedback identifying your decorating Country Style and Personality description. Find your style...
Customer Gallery

We have had the privilege of being invited into customer homes that are truly a living example of the different elements of American Country we offer at The Rusty Bucket.  This link provides a photo gallery and/or a slide show taken at each of these customer homes. Use the photo’s of the various home décor as examples to guide your own decorating plan with the American Country Style and its many aspects and sub elements. 

Our Customers have opened up their homes to share with you how they decorate so feel free to study the pictures of each of their vignettes. You are invited to use their ideas or to create your own from their inspiration.

              (this section under development - available soon)

Articles on Country Decorating

Magazine and internet articles on decorating in the Country Style are provided in this section. Articles will be rotated over time, being replaced by new and more current information. Articles will be archived for your reference should you desire to review past postings. Read articles on decorating in Country Style...


The Rusty Bucket Shopkeeper, Proprietor and staff have reference material that they use to educate and inform themselves.  In addition to industry standards such as magazines, trade papers and the internet they have some text that stand out as the best and their favorite. This link provides a list of those books that they have come to value above all others. Read our references on Country Style decorating...

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms provides two distinct list of terms: one that identifies and defines basic Interior Decorating Terminology and another that provides common Country Decorating Terminology (coming soon) and meanings. These definitions should help you navigate the sometime complex and confusing terms used in the world of decorating.

(this section under development - available soon)

The Rusty Bucket
Decorating Style

    Decorating Style coming soon!

(this section under development - available soon)

Bucket-HEADS Blog

As a complement to the Country Style section, the Bucket-HEAD's blog will provide you with an outlet to discuss and exchange ideas on your Country Decorating Plan.  Click here to read more about the blog focus, ground rules and registration information.

Also find a brief description of how frequent shoppers at The Rusty Bucket came to be know as “Bucket-HEADs”.

(this section under development - available soon)


NOTE: "Some of the above sketches are images of products available at The Rusty Bucket for sale and are not original to the shop and are the property of that specific vendor."

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