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Rusty Bucket Kids Club

What is a “BucketHEAD”?

First let me tell you how it all began and from that you will begin to have an understanding that being a “BucketHEAD” is as much a state-of-mind as it is a state-of-being.

It all began in our 4th year on the day of our Fall Open House in September.  Rain was coming down in buckets (how appropriate) and out front about an hour and a half before the big reveal, there they were.  That’s right, there they were, huddling under the awning, trying to stay dry but jockeying for a place so they would be one of the first in the door when it opened.  Concerned about them we opened the door to encourage them to return back to their cars to stay dry and wait out the storm prior to the doors opening at 6pm on that Friday.  But when we made our suggestion out of concern for our customers one of the ladies sitting in a Plantation Rockers out front shouted back... “.... no way .... We’re “BucketHEADs” we stick together and we are not going to miss getting in as quick as we can.”

So the designation “BucketHEAD” was coined and it has come to represent one who loves The Rusty Bucket.  They come often, they decorate in The Rusty Bucket Country Style, they enjoy shopping with a close friend and will endure most anything to get in the door to shop.  Being a “BucketHEAD” is an attitude, it is a state of mind and above all else it is a characterization that they proclaim with pride.

Now if you are already a “BucketHEAD” you understand and if you are not quite there and still not exactly sure what one feels when they are a “BucketHEAD” that’s ok.  You just need a little more time as it’s not something you find - it finds you.  To begin, become familiar with the web site and it’s content learning as much as you can about country décor at The Rusty Bucket.  The next step is to increase your visits and one day while slowly walking around the shop, enjoying the smells, letting the warmth and comfort of a visit envelop you, a realization will occur to you.  It is at that moment when you begin feeling something like you never have felt before - that you begin to exist in a whole new world.  It is when you are in that world that you have that “ah-ha” moment that you say….. “WOW!  I must be a “BucketHEAD”.  So hurry back and be sure to drop in at the shop real soon…. Every “BucketHEAD” needs a booster every once and awhile.

Pam Thorpe

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