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Pluck, Perseverance and Paint
Apex, North Carolina: Beginnings to 1941
340 pages and has 165 photos, maps, and illustrations
By Warren Lee Holleman and C.P. “Toby” Holleman

Alive with a renewed energy, with it’s coffee table format, fresh with new-found and updated facts (more interpretation and emphasis in documenting the oral history of the Apex community), and an increase in photographs, maps and diagrams that tie back to the history, heritage and remembrances of the town's people. This revised publication of their 1973 edition of Pluck, Perseverance and Paint brings pride to both those that trace their roots to Apex’s beginning as the “Village of Log Pond”, a small southern railroad and farm community, to those who now make up the eclectic metropolitan community that Apex has become.

From the beginning, in the early 1800’s through the War Between the States, dawn of a new century, the Great Depression and WWII - Toby, Warren and their family have created a base for intellectual endeavors as well as a platform for future historians to build upon to capture the Apex community post war and cold war years and into the 21st Century. It’s a history in the spirit of the Oral History tradition that has sustained us in the south, sharing our history, while preserving our heritage and keeping it alive here in this new release of Pluck, Perseverance and Paint.

For the fall 2010 launch The Rusty Bucket will be the exclusive location for you to purchase your copy or that gift copy for the holidays. Stay tuned for more information! Click to read more about Pluck, Perseverance and Paint at the web site apexhistory.org.

Mack Thorpe
The Rusty Bucket - Proprietor
Apex Historical Society - President
July 2010

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